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Take #pressureprevention to the next level with the PreserveTech™ Lateral Rotation and Tri-Therapy Harmony mattress systems. Both systems help treat and prevent pressure injuries and come with a removable cover manufactured with an antimicrobial agent. #pressurerelief drivemedical photo
The Patient-Driven Groupings Model ( #PDGM) was a game-changer for the #homehealth industry. For @HomeCareMag, Drive's Karen Lerner shares how #DMEproviders can differentiate themselves to #HHA clients by providing valuable expertise on ordering #HME: drivemedical photo
The tried-and-true Vacu-Aide line is now even better than before, with upgraded features that include reduced weight, improved battery functionality and compatibility with standard canisters and accessories. Learn more: #suctionmachine #innovation drivemedical photo
We're partnering with @BILTapp to bring interactive assembly instructions to our products. Scan the QR code to get started and navigate the 3D walkthrough with clear visuals and audio to ensure proper product assembly. #BILTapp drivemedical photo
Need some tips on choosing the perfect #cane? Check out our how-to-choose video to help guide you to the right option for your #mobility needs:
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