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man wearing iGo2 oxygen concentrator making wings with arms and grandaughter on his shoulders

traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator


While a Portable Oxygen Concentrator sets you free to go everywhere, here are some things to keep in mind:

Contact Information: No matter how you’re getting there and back, we recommend you keep your physician and provider contact information with you in case of an emergency.

Before You Start Your Trip: Check with your Drive DeVilbiss provider for additional batteries and accessories. Make sure your batteries are fully charged the night before your trip.

Contact Your Carrier: Most carriers require advance notice and many have rules regarding the minimum battery operation time you must have. Some carriers may require confirmation of need from your physician.

Traveling by Air: The iGo2 POC should be a carry-on item if traveling by air; medical devices do not count toward carry-on luggage limits.

Bus / Train Travel / Cruise Ships: 
Power outlets may not be available on all means of transportation. POCs should be able to operate a minimum of four hours in the event of a power disruption.

Motor Vehicle Travel: Your iGo2 includes a DC Auto Adapter that allows the concentrator to operate from your motor vehicles.

Camping / Overnight Stays: Battery should be charged using AC or DC Power in the camper. If overnight oxygen use is required, you should have AC/DC Power available because the battery will not last overnight.

Learn more about Drive DeVilbliss’ iGo2. 

The revolutionary, new Drive DeVilbiss iGo®2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator sets the new standard for portable oxygen. With patented* SmartDose® Technology, iGo2 automatically adjusts the oxygen dose in response to changes in the patient’s breathing pattern. Now your patients can enjoy life more freely without worrying about changing oxygen settings with activity. It’s the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.