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tools for people with limited dexterity

As we age, we are often presented with challenging health conditions, such as arthritis, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions may cause pain in the back, knees, hips or hands, and make bending or reaching a challenge. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help eliminate some pain and aggravation by reducing the need for stretching, twisting, pushing and handling heavier objects.

Check out our list of tools we think you should try and why.

  1. Handheld Reacher – Handheld reachers are lightweight aluminum tools that allow you to more easily reach, grip and move items and reduce pain by eliminating bending and stretching. The trigger generally requires very minimal pressure to activate and some models fold flat for convenient storage.
  2. Shoe Horn – Shoe horns come in various materials and lengths. Whether you have trouble putting on your shoes or don’t want to ruin the back of your shoes, using a shoe horn can be a big help. It prevents straining your lower body AND saves your shoes!
  3. Elastic Shoe Laces – Elastic shoe laces are helpful for those who may have difficulty bending down long enough to tie traditional laces. These convenient laces also mold themselves around the foot for a snug, secure fit.
  4. Stocking Aid – A stocking aid can help those with limited mobility and bending put on their socks with ease. The stocking aid holds the sock open, allowing the user to easily pull them on. Available in several different sizes and styles to fit the needs of almost everyone.
  5. TwoHandle Cup – Sturdy and safe, the two-handle cup can hold both hot and cold liquids. The spout and anti-splash lids allow for safe consumption of hot beverages. Ideal for those who experience hand tremors.
  6. Large Grip Eating Utensils –Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit, the large handles add stability for those who suffer from arthritis or have limited dexterity.

Once you have determined what solutions may be needed, finding them is the easy part! Start with our full product offering here.

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