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adventures in water aerobics

I recently attended a water aerobics class at my local gym, and unbeknownst to me, this class is not just for seniors! When I signed up for the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Will this be difficult? Am I wasting my time? How will a class of 30 near-centenarians react to someone 40 years their junior joining them? Will I get a good workout?

You may be surprised at what I learned:

  • Water aerobics is a really good workout! You can tailor it to your fitness level — an easy workout, a challenging workout or just hop in the pool to socialize.
  • Water aerobics is perfect for anyone who has mobility or balance issues.
  • You can strengthen and tone your muscles easily and in a safe environment.
  • The attendees — both male and female — were adorable, welcoming and serious about their fitness.
  • Using water weights, a pool noodle and other water aerobic apparatus was challenging and part of the fun!
  • Having a sparkling bathing cap and a bedazzled bathing suit is a must! Gotta look good and make that fashion statement!

Overall, water aerobics is a great workout for every fitness level.  If you’re just getting started with an exercise regime or want to change it up, a water aerobics class is worth checking out! You may be able to find a class at your local community center, fitness club or Y.  I guarantee you’ll have fun and get a great workout! And as always, before starting any new exercise regime, please contact your doctor.


Deanna @ Drive

Deanna, a Drive team member in Digital Marketing, has completed over ten (10) triathlons and is currently training for her 11th and 12th! Deanna has also cared for her dad and mom through many disease related challenges; her experience as a Caregiver has made her a stronger person and a Caregiver advocate.