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top 3 caregiving apps

Balancing your life along with being a caregiver can be exhausting! Remembering appointments, tracking symptoms and managing medications for yourself, let alone another individual, is not easy. We’re here to help with some smartphone app and website suggestions that can help make your Caregiving life a whole lot easier:


iPhone and Android, No website access, Free

Makes it simple to organize care for your loved one, can coordinate responsibilities with the other caregivers in your life.

Why we like it: Easy organization of your loved ones medication with a quick scan of the bottle.


  • Journal
  • Calendar
  • Medication management

Losta Helping Hands

iPhone, Website access, Free

Perfect for meal planning, organizing doctor’s appointments and other caregiving tasks.

Why we like it: Help calendar enables family and friends to designate times they can lend a helping hand.


  • Message board
  • Well wishes board
  • Photo gallery


iPhone, Website access, Free

Designed to help family members connect and coordinate interactions with a loved one.

Why we like it: Simple visit reports help family members communicate effectively keeping everyone in the loop regarding visits, appointments and any areas of concern.


  • Share news and updates
  • Private and secure