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Joe, 93 years young, retired 27 years as an accomplished Tool and Die Maker for the aircraft industry, knows a thing or two about good craftsmanship, a solid design, seamless navigation, and of course, excellent quality – those qualities are the exact reasons why Joe absolutely loves his Drive Nitro Rollator.

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Joe set his sights on the Nitro or the “Ferrari of Rollators” as he aptly calls it the minute he saw another fellow at his Cardiac Rehab center using a Nitro. Attracted by the big wheels, functionality and thrilled by its style, Joe asked his daughter Kathy to look for the Nitro. But the Nitro was hard to find! Not one but three Providers were out of stock which required Kathy to travel over 21 miles to purchase the Nitro … all because Joe wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Navigating the new normal after Joe’s wife passed a year ago hasn’t been easy, however with the love and support of his daughters, family, friends and the independence he feels when using his Nitro, makes it just a bit easier.  Being active helps too, going to the gym three times a week helps Joe combat his arthritis, and using the Nitro greatly reduces some of his back pain and preserves his strength and energy to successfully recover from his recent heart valve replacement surgery. Joe also relies on the Nitro because it helps him remain steady while walking. While going to the gym is on the weekly schedule so is shopping, dining at restaurants, attending the theater, and taking walks to the barn on his property. And wherever Joe goes, so does his Nitro!

While out and about, Joe and his daughter Kathy said that someone stops them almost every outing to take a look at the sleek rollator, marveling at the big wheels, the safety brake wires that are encased in the frame, the convenient carry bag or durable built-in seat.  For Joe, the big wheels are one of his favorite features as they provide easy maneuverability over many terrains; they move so well that Joe is often faster and way ahead of his daughter when they are out shopping.  Joe uses the carry bag for his hat and gloves and the seat allows Joe a place to rest if need be – he claims “it’s especially convenient when he’s waiting to be seated at restaurant”.

Being independent is important to Joe and he is thankful for his Nitro – as Joe stated “I could do things that I normally wouldn’t be able to do; the Nitro has opened a lot of doors.”  And some of those doors include traveling to Bar Harbor Maine, navigating the many terrains in Acadia National Park and visiting his daughter in the state of Washington.  After Joe returned from a visit with his daughter in Washington State, his daughter bought him a second Nitro to leave at her home; after one visit the airline broke the wheel off his Nitro and although the airline quickly provided Joe with another rollator while his Nitro was being repaired – Joe refused to use the loaner – he just won’t settle for anything but his Nitro, if you have the best why settle for less!


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