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cruising with the Nitro

Out of the corner of his eye Norris saw something in the elevator, he thought to himself “Is that a walker?” answering with a mumble “Couldn’t be, that was red and sleek not cold and silver”. As he glanced toward the elevator once again Norris made out two words “Drive” and “Nitro” just as the doors were closing – those two words were the words that have changed Norris’s life forever.

What was it that Norris saw in that elevator? It was the Drive Nitro Rollator. Not just any walker but a sharp looking rollator that’s comfortable, easy-to-use, a state of the art piece of equipment that literally provides Norris with the freedom to live his life – to watch his grandchildren on the soccer field, to play with them while on family vacations, giving him the ability, energy and vitality to be active at Church functions, to visit old colleagues – to simply put – to live his best life now.

Norris a proud Louisiana man is a retired Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist whom has built a beautiful life with his wife Sue of 45 years, they have raised two successful sons and now spoils their six grandchildren. Life hasn’t come without it’s obstacles, over the last few years Norris was diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis [IBM]– an auto-immune disease that progressively causes muscle inflammation accompanied by muscle weakness which can eventually lead to permanent muscle atrophy. Because of his extensive experience in the medical field Norris was fortunate to be able to detect something was amiss with his body, the subtle changes he noticed gave him the clues to seek the best physicians that lead to an early diagnosis.

The IBM disease does not stop Norris; being an extremely positive person he realizes that he’ll have good days and not so good days. Being cognizant of what his body needs is most important. Norris knows that “when there’s a will there is a way”, so if that means he relies on his Nitro Rollator a little more on some days than others he’s okay with that – he understand that if he continues with physical therapy, continues to enjoy life every day, continues to take his favorite cruise vacations, continues to be progressive in his treatment, continues to hope for a cure that he’ll be able to continue to live a full and rewarding life.

Over the last eight months Norris and Sue have taken several trips – they’ve traveled on a cruise to the Panama Canal, took pleasure watching their grandkids enjoy a family Disney Cruise, flew to Seattle and Washington DC wherein his sister was bestowed the highest honor as Navy Veteran and was granted a burial at the Arlington National Cemetery.

His Nitro took every trip with him, the easy-to-fold capability was perfect for a gate-check-in and the narrow cruise hallways; the built-in-seat gave Norris the option to take rests to save his energy and the large front wheels provided the support and convenience to navigate different terrains as he continues to hone his hobby as an outdoor photographer and at the many dance recitals and soccer games he attends as the proud Grandpa he is!

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On all of his travels dozens and dozens of strangers stopped Norris and his Nitro, he received many compliments, some even took it for a test drive! Norris even purchased a Nitro as a gift for one of his Church parishioners who was so enamored by it!  Before his diagnosis cruising, snapping outdoor photographs or just simply being a loving and support Husband, a proud Dad and active Grandfather is what life is all about for Norris, now with a somewhat compromised mobility all he needs is his Nitro cause nothing can stop him now!

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