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what’s behind that magic door?

It’s time for a pop quiz! Ready, set, go!

Person A and Person B both use a cane to help them get around the house. Person A goes into her kitchen, pours a cup of coffee, grabs a small stack of bills to pay, and heads to her home office, where the door is closed. There’s no table nearby upon which to set her coffee or papers down, so she shifts the bills and the mug into one hand, slightly spilling her coffee in the process, hooks the cane over her wrist to free up her hand, and bangs her leg with the cane as she twists her arm to open the door. She reaches down to wipe up the coffee spill, drops two of her bills into the puddle , picks those up, and finally settles down into her chair with a sigh of exasperation.

Person B also pours a cup of coffee and picks up some important papers, and also heads off to her home office to take care of business. As she approaches the closed office door, it gently swings open, and she smoothly enters the room, places everything on her desk and gets right to work.

Your question:  How did Person B open the door?

A) Person B is a magician

B) Person B has a full-time servant whose only job is to open doors

C) Person B has installed a doormatic automatic door opener with motion sensor on her office door

The answer is the doormatic!

The doormatic automatic door opener module is an innovative solution for anyone who has trouble opening and closing doors in the home. Whether you’re in a wheelchair, use a walker, rollator, or cane, or simply have weakness in the hands or other grip problems, the doormatic can ease your way in and out of rooms in your home. The battery-operated unit attaches to any interior door easily, without drilling or damaging the door.

Once it is installed, to activate the doormatic, simply gently touch or pull the door to set it into motion. You can also add a hand-held remote control unit or a motion sensor for truly hands-free convenience. The doormatic is easy to program and lets you set waiting times and control the speed at which the door opens and shuts. It even has a built-in object detection system for additional safety.

The doormatic is an easy way to let technology help you overcome mobility difficulties and make your life at home easier and more comfortable. Click here to learn more about the doormatic and see video of it in action.